You’ve Wanted to Change For a Long Time

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Let’s face it, navigating life’s challenges alone can be tough. Would you realistically walk down a dark alley with no roadmap, no torch, and no guide? Of course not! So why do we so often try to go it alone on the greatest journey we’ll ever take?
At Waters Counseling, we realize that 21st century challenges call for a different take on traditional therapy- one that is built on a foundation of research, compassion, practical tools, and first-hand experience. It requires a passionate therapist who is willing to think out of the box, try something new, and walk alongside you on your journey, rather than sit behind a desk and offer platitudes.
At Waters Counseling, we specialize in helping individuals find hope and healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, chemical dependency, relationship challenges, and host of other obstacles that today’s world may throw in our paths. We are here to help you find a brand new perspective and offer you the tools and personalized strategies you need to move forward in life with a sense of peace, purpose, and confidence.
Whether you’re in need of individual, adolescent, couples, group, or even online therapy, we’re on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to the vital resources and expert support they need to thrive.
If you’re ready to start feeling your best and finally put an end to the negative thinking, self-doubt, and anxiety that’s been holding you back, we’re here to help. No one wants a cookie cutter life, so why settle for a one-size-fits all therapist?
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Putting things off for days led to putting things off for years.

Your life has stalled out, and now you’re stuck.

Crafty excuses and halfhearted attempts to change have failed.

The constant gnawing anxiety has given way to a deep and consuming depression.

These destructive emotions have slowly eaten away at your quality of life.

You feel like a shell of who you once were.

Looking in the mirror is difficult.

“I promise myself that tomorrow will be different,” But a voice in the back of your mind whispers that “You’re only fooling yourself.”

Your friends have started drifting away, and you feel like you’re losing your grip on your life.

Disappointment about your future brings emotional hangovers that last for days and even weeks.

Sleep became your refuge to escape.

Getting out of bed to face the day has become a chore.

The overwhelm is instantly exhausting.

Except for those painful nights when the anxiety won’t let you sleep at all.

It’s time to stop pretending and start living.

You’ve made it here! You have a sincere desire for change. Now let’s get you the tools you need.

Let’s work together to make lasting change possible. We will collaborate and create a unique plan that addresses all the blind spots that have been stifling change.

We will craft a new and exciting narrative to fuel the progression to new and vibrant opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Don’t sell yourself short anymore.

Therapy Transforms

Rather than doing this alone while sharing a brain with the problem, let’s work together.

By developing a therapeutic relationship, I’ll help you stay on course, even when your motivation begins to drift.

Together, we’ll develop coping skills, so you can address the issues as they arise.

You’ll unlock energy reserves to get through anything that life throws at you.

It’s time to act.

Meaning, fulfillment, and excitement about new opportunities are common bi-products of therapy.

Take the first step today, before the desire for change passes by.

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