hero faq - Waters Counseling - Therapy for Individuals, Adolescents, Families, and Couples In-Person in Boca Raton and Online throughout Florida


Where is your office?

Waters Counseling is located at the following address:

7100 West Camino Real
Suite 302-18
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Just take the elevator to the third floor, take a left, and knock on door number 18!

What are your hours?

Generally, they’re Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

However, these can be flexible to accommodate your needs, depending on availability. So, If you have a special request for certain hours, please ask!

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

If you anticipate needing a longer session, we might be able to schedule it if there is a cancellation or open spot. Don’t rely on it, but ask.

How much do you charge?
Initial assessments are $250 as they run an hour and a half to two hours. All subsequent sessions are $175.
Do you take insurance?

I accept a limited number of insurance carriers. I am not fully paneled with most companies because they often create several hurdles that prevent you from getting the best treatment possible, including limiting your sessions and insisting on a diagnosis. They also require cumbersome paperwork that keeps me from spending most of my time helping my clients!

I am in network with the following insurance companies:

  1. Aetna
  2. Oscar Health
  3. United Healthcare
  4. Oxford
  5. Cigna

If you would like to know if I am “in-network” for your particular insurance company, you can search my profile with www.headway.co.

If I am “out-of-network,” I can still provide you with the paperwork you’ll need to file for possible reimbursement from your insurance plan.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session to avoid a $30 charge for a missed appointment.
How do I know if we are a good fit?

Call me for a free 20-minute consultation. I’d be happy to explore this with you: (561) 221-0625.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can easily request an appointment by calling, emailing, or filling out the Contact form below – whichever option with which you’re most comfortable.

The practice phone number is (561) 717-3227, and my email address is [email protected].

When you make your first appointment, I’ll give you instructions for joining our portal. There, you’ll be able to complete the paperwork needed before your first session.

What forms of payment do you accept?
There is an option to pay online through the portal. You can also make payments through Venmo, Zelle, etc. I am happy to accommodate whatever is most convenient for you.
With whom do you work?

I have extensive experience with adolescents and adults of all genders.

I also work with couples; however, there is an assessment requiring individual sessions with each party first. This determines the commitment of each party to the process.

Please be aware that adolescent therapy can’t always be done from behind a desk. It typically involves more stakeholders, family consultations, and life-skills training.

Please feel free to talk to me about them during your free consultation if you have particular needs.

Why should I choose Waters Counseling?

At Waters Counseling, we emphasize the importance of quality. That’s why, for example, we will NOT overbook.

We maintain a schedule that leaves time for unexpected crises and consultations. When you’re accepted, you become priority # 1. No more endless waiting for assistance!

What approach do you use in therapy?

I tend to pull from an eclectic blend of disciplines, tailoring my style to you and your specific needs.

I have very strong skills in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), trauma-focused care, 12-step facilitation, Motivational Interviewing, and more.

Please contact me if you have more specific questions.

How is your approach different?

At Waters Counseling, you’ll get the care that’s truly tailored to you and your needs. And our practice is founded on positivity, persistence, efficiency, flexibility, and a focus on solutions.

You’ll learn new information and life skills (e.g., career exploration and preparation). We’ll practice together, and you’ll see how it comes to life!

What is dual case management?

Therapy is more than just talking. I can also wear another hat and personally accompany you as you execute your treatment plan.

Observing and working with you outside the office can give me meaningful insights into you and your life. It requires coordination with family members and other stakeholders, but it results in better outcomes.

What is your professional training and experience?

I am lucky to have been trained by some of the best in the field!

I obtained a master’s degree in addiction and mental health from the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. I worked for Hazelden, Plymouth (Minnesota), for 3.5 years with adolescent males and females.

I also have extensive experience with adult populations through agency work at NUWAY-1 Minneapolis, where I worked with individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, complex trauma, and complicated legal concerns.

I hold licenses in Minnesota as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I am additionally licensed in Florida as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

What is your treatment philosophy?

Each person who seeks therapeutic help is taking a scary and meaningful step toward getting well. They deserve respectful, kind, competent, ethical, and passionate assistance.

Never give up. No matter what.

The job of a therapist is like a personal trainer: to guide and facilitate the process, cheering for the client every step of the way.

I always emphasize honesty, responsibility, and acceptance. Accepting and owning reality is curative. As Viktor Frankl once said: “Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning.”

Will therapy work?

Yes, especially if there’s a strong desire to change. You can expect precise targeting of issues and creative, real-world solutions.

Together, we’ll implement and maintain what works!

Do you allow crying?

Of course. In fact, I once remember a client saying:

“I know where you get your powers… I’m starting to figure you out. You’ve been collecting my tears in that water bottle on your desk!”  

Why do you do this kind of work?
Because it’s not work. It’s interesting and fun. I find incredible joy in helping others succeed by “hacking” life.
Apple or PC?
For a long time, I preferred PC, but I’ve recently started appreciating the hidden gems behind the apple with a bite in it.
Dogs or cats?
They are both therapeutic, but I recommend getting a therapy pony. Did you know that the ADA recently approved them as licensed therapy animals? That’s right: With the right papers, you can actually board a plane with a horse!